United Family Circulation - Never received product plus paid twice the cost

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Bought two-year subscription of a child's magazine called Jack and Jill.

This was a gift and it wasn't until months after I purchased it that I was informed they received only two issues.

I contacted the magazine and after several attempts to get help, they finally gave me a phone number to Unified Family Circulation.

I have tried to resolve this error for over a year.

I have called, mailed and e-mailed, and have yet to hear back in any form.

Unified Family Circulation is a pathetic business. I am not sure why this company still exists.

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United Family Circulation - Scammed Me Out of $40.00

Duluth, Georgia 2 comments
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Just read the complaint from Walt in Maryland, and low and behold, the EXACT same thing just happened to me last Thursday, 09/04/08 in ***, Georgia. A girl, claiming to be 22 yrs. old, said she her parents lived down the street in the 3rd house on the left as you enter our subdivision. Well, I know the people in the 3rd house on the left and she said it was actually the 4th house on the left. Red flag #1 - should have gone with my gut, but didn't. Said her mom walk their golden retriever everyday and was surprised when I didn't know what she was talking about. Anyway...said she needed money because Georgia State University was sending her to London to work with the BBC and she needed to pay for some expenses herself. She told me that they moved her from OHIO last year and when I told her my neighbor was from Ohio, she said she had already talked to her and that she bought a magazine subscription "Ladie's Home Journal" for the troops. I was like, 'what? why would they want LHJ? and she was like, 'I have a list of some of the troops who want a subscription and I have one female on the list'. Then she added that the men wanted Penthouse or Maxium and I asked if they sold those magazines. She said 'yes', and I didn't bother to check. Certainly, this was the 4th or so 'red flag'. Obviously, a reputable company would sell neither of those as a fundraiser. So...my husband called and asked if I wanted to go to lunch with him. When I hung up, I told her he was downstairs (which he was) and she kinda freaked out a little. She wanted to know what he did for a living. In hindsight, I wish I had said he was a COP. Anyway, she REALLY wanted me to get the troops a subscription but I told her I wanted to get Newsweek for myself. She was a little irritated. I went ahead and wrote her a check for $40.00 and she left.It wasn't maybe 20 minutes later, I left my house and guess who was at the front of our subdivision waiting for someone to pick her up? Yep. Ashley (the name on the receipt). Before I left the house, a neighbor sent out a mass email telling everyone NOT to buy anything from the girl going door to door selling these magazines. When I saw her, I knew - without a doubt, that I had just been scammed. Fortunately, the police dept. is behind my house, so I made copies and went over what had just happened to myself and my neighbors. He gave me a number to call (a special task force) and should I see her in our neighborhood again, they will come and give her a ticket for soliciting without a permit - next, they would go to her place of employment with UNITED FAMILY CIRCULATION (I have the address) and go from there. My neighbor called her bank and they told her to close her account immediately to prevent identity theft, etc..on her way out of our subdivision, she confronted the girl, who was still out there waiting on her ride. She demanded that she give her her check back and told her she knew all of this was a scam. The girl gave her her check back and my neighbor asked for to give her everyone's check that anyone in our neighborhood had written. Three times the girl said 'no one else wrote a check'. Of course, that was a lie. So now here I am, trying to get my money back. I went to the UPS store and had them stamp the check with that day's date on it - (it was still 09/04/08). I am now waiting to see if they cash my check. More than anything, I can't believe I fell for her lies. I will know better next time. I just hope anyone out there who reads this, will not let the same thing happen to them.

Kathryn***, GA

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They got almost $300 out of me!! Same speech too!! These people are horrible!!!


I was just approached by a young man here in Tampa who claimed to be a student of USF (local university).He gave me a nearly identitcal speech, father lives down the road, project for broadcasting school.

He also pushed Maxim...not sure why?

I quickly googled the named and this site was the first to come up.

Good thing, it saved me from wasting my money.I just warned my neighbor who did purchase, hopefully they can recoup their money.

United Family Circulation - Took my money and never delivered magazine

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I also have been ripped off by United Family Circulation a.k.a.Xcaliber Marketing.

They use young teenagers to come door to door and are very well trained to be sweet and polite and lure you in to buying a magazine so they can earn points to go on a trip to Europe. I ordered my magazine in Sept of 2007 and have never gotten it. When I called they said it would be sent soon. Now they don't even answer the phone, can't the authorities shut them down befoe they rip more of us off!!

I am shocked by how many similar stories there are on the Internet.

United Family Circulation - Harassed by magazine salespunk.

Eugene, Oregon 1 comment

Today I had two young men come to my door and try and sell magazines fort one of those sales gimmicks.I was listening and nodding and when Erik of United Family sales, decided I wasn't listening he went into a verbal assault, calling me all sorts of names, and then walked off, shouting at me all the way down the street.

I then told him to get out of my neighborhood, and he again went into a tirade about what a big b*%$h i was, only this time it was all in front of my five year old daughter!!Do NOT buy magazines from these people, they are low lives who don't deserve your dollar!!Its a scam, look them up!

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whaa whaa whaa



Same old story here in New Mexico!!  A very nice young man came to our door saying he was a neighbor who lived around the corner.  He named off several of our other neighbors as good friends and told us he was a member of the UNM Baseball team.  He said his name was Chris.  Coincidence? So is mine.

He said he was trying to earn a little bit of money to help pay his way to Hawaii for some All Star game there.  He said he was selling books that were to be donated to a local Children's Hospital.  He definitely had the gift of gab. My wife came to the door to see who was there.  We are new to New Mexico (1 1/2 years) and she wanted to meet another one of our neighbors.  He even spoke about his mom walking their dog and we must have seen her recently.  That's when I decided to go back to the TV baseball game I was watching.  My wife stayed and talked some more.  I figured she was going to give him $20 in cash and he would have been on his way.  But then I found out that he "sweet-talked" her into giving him a check for $120.00!!  I was sooooo pissed at her for being so gullable.  I immediated went to  the University of New Mexico website and showed her that no one had a first name of Chris on the baseball team.  There was no mention of and impending try to Maui either.  He LIED to us.  And if he lied about that he was probably lying about everything he said.  He even promised her that he would come back in a few days to wash all of our exterior windows.  Luckily, she works for the financial instution that the check was written on so she was able to put a "stop payment" on it.  Once we heard about something similar happening in a neighborhood a couple of miles away, we immediately cancelled our checking account and all cards tied to this account.

After all, the account number was on the check and who knows what they could have turned that check into?   $1200.00??This team of *** artists actually made the radio news!   We were fortunate to be able to save our money on this scam.  But since the guy was so NICE and friendly I am sure he was able to come away from our neighborhood with money in his pocket.  Afterall, if he could *** my wife, who used to work for a payroll company who used to be adept at spotting crooks for a living, he could *** ANYONE!  BE vey aware of anyone coming to your door and asking for donations or sell magazines or books for a worthy cause.


Wurzburg, Bayern, Germany #158

I have NEVER ever bashed any other player.If I have made any other players life unbearable then please tell me who and when and what I said.

The only thing I intended to show in my comments was that I feel that the site is getting a bad rap.Period.

Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany #155

This is my real name.No one said we were sooo unhappy to leave this site.

We said we PAY to PLAY, not play to watch you & a few others use this site to make other players lives unbearable. If the site doesn't care about all the players, and allow some to abuse, then SHAME on them, and Again Shame on you for showing your true colors on your comments. We pay to play and have just as much right to complain as you do. If you don't like it don't comment.

I will now speak up when others are rude on this site.on Closing this comment it's best said with "hkeymoms last comment:"In closing all I can say is I wish the Head Trouble Makers would take her cronies and fade into the sunset."

Frankfurt Am Main, Hesse, Germany #154

This all started when an email went out exposing a very evil, bitter, backstabbing person for what she really is, a person who thrives on starting trouble. The complaints against Bingonet has nothing to do with whether the site is good or bad. The original complaint has this person’s handwriting all over it and just as she has always done, she is using gullible people to do her dirty work for her. I know, because I was one of them at one time until I finally realized what she really was really about.

I have been playing at this site since it began many years ago and I have never seen the kind of BS that this person and her cronies are trying to start.

As for the gift cards, sometimes I get one and sometimes I don’t. It is no big deal if I don’t, I can always try two weeks later. Management is doing their all out best to keep this site for people who enjoy playing bingo up and running. Times have changed from when this site first started. There are no more freebies at any of the sites anymore and Bingonet should not be bashed because it is not the same site as when it first started.

In closing all I can say is I wish the Head Trouble Makers would take her cronies and fade into the sunset.

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